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Greetings and Welcome to My About Me Page!

My name is Duchess Boyles 

Ok... so I started to write this page to share with you information about me. But, here's the authentic me...

This journey isn't About Me!

This Journey is All About You and How Can I Contribute to the Quality of Your Life? What Can I Do to Lift Your Spirit or Heart to a Place of Feeling Worthy and Loved?

Who Am I to Try and Tell You About Me as I Am Today or at this Current Moment in Time?

As of just the other day, June 8th, I chose to Shift My Vibration and Frequency. I asked myself the question: How Can I Inspire and Empower others who land on my website pages when I'm JUST AN AFFILIATE sharing information about products, services and opportunities?

Oh.... It came to me: I have so much more to offer than the products, etc.  I'll share with you what came to me at the moment I chose to Lift the Vibration of My Website to a Higher Level of Interacting with Others!



I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

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For my entire life, I used all my inner intuitive gifts and even did empowerment intuitive consulting which, yes, I could do long distance. No, not psychic consulting. I have this interesting ability to be able to reach deep inside the core space of someone's heart. To Go Directly to the core of their spirit and By-Pass their logical mind when speaking to them during the consulting session.

Yes, even I enjoy the sessions because I have no idea what I'm going to share with the individual I'm speaking to. I channel the session and when the messages are completed and delivered, the  session is over. I have nothing else to offer and it's really a remarkable time for me and the other person.

The one session I did was with a US Official at one point. I didn't know who he was when he reached out to me and yet, even with the session performed over the phone, he commented back that he'd never experienced anything like what just happened to him. How cool is that I thought to myself when I received his testimonial.

With all the other sessions I was privileged to participate in, every single person relayed back to me that their lives had changed on many levels.

The session that validated everything I was doing was when I had been asked to consult with a man in his mid to late 70's. This man has a heart of gold but he would only see the world and things in Black and White. No going outside of the lines. It was either "this way or that way"! So, Andy and I went into - SESSION and then I just thought no more about it.

It's my responsibility to deliver whatever message from my "higher GROUP". I Am only the Messenger.

About 2 months after the session I had with Andy, Jan, his wife wrote to me and said, her husband of over 40+ years was now living and seeing his world in the colors of the rainbow. She wished I had done a consulting session with him years before. That man is still alive but well into his years and his wife has passed away. She said he had softened in ways difficult to explain. She said she'd never felt so much love for him then what she was feeling at that time!

Here's the SCOOP on this one particular Couple!  This couple just happened to be - what would be considered adopted parents to me but they didn't adopt me. We met when I was 18 years old. Jan, was my spiritual mother and helped me nurture the gifted side of who I am. She and her husband, Andy, marveled at my ability to pick up the phone and call them before anyone else and tell them I knew something was wrong with either of them, let's say in the sense of a health issue, etc.

So, when Andy agreed to sit with me through one of my consulting sessions, that was Mind Blowing for Jan. You see, Andy didn't believe in ANYTHING I BELIEVED IN. To Him, he loved me like I was his daughter but my "weirdness" ... he didn't want any part of that!!! No Part of THAT!!!

To learn more.... go to my blog (i'll write it up today, June 11, 2019)


What does a Baseball Cap have to do with ANYTHING? WELL.... READ MY BLOG and YOU TOO May Need To Buy A Baseball Cap Too!

How Do I KNOW I Will Be SUCCESSFUL Being an Affiliate? READ MY BLOG and Learn How I Focus On What I Choose To Accomplish!






So, why did I choose to create a website and be an affiliate?

With my artistic skills, come my nearly 20 years of marketing and having fun doing it in whatever fashion or avenue is presented to me. As I learn how to maneuver in this new business of being an affiliate, associate and brand partner to companies, I get to draw on some of my past experience in marketing. Of course, marketing is an ever changing area of business.

I can't say enough about how much delight I receive from developing and creating websites and the pages, etc. This all allows my artistic and creative side to excel to amazing levels of frequency when I'm creating art or messages.

I enjoy researching the products, services and opportunities that I present within my pages.

The Most Important Part of being an affiliate makes it apparent and imperative that I use my gifts to touch others on a higher level when they land on the pages of my website.

Yes, I promote other peoples or companies products, etc and I make a commission on the completed interactions, that's a bonus but inspiring and empowering others to be the Grandest Version of their Self is sooooo Important.


I'm Wishing You The Very Best

Always and In All Ways!




Here is a picture of me, our son and my husband. We had just adopted our two miniature horses. We have our 5 indoor cats, 3 outdoor cats that the previous home owner left behind when she moved a couple years ago and our 1 indoor older chihuahua.

My Family & 2 Miniature Horses
Our 2 Rescued Miniature Horses: KYA & NIAH
My HENS: Feeding Jewels & Charlotte Worms
Feeding My Hens, Jewels & Charlotte, Worms

I'm a sculptor and watercolor artist

I like to take my watercolor art and make them 3-Dimensional by doing clay, metal, glass, stones, you name it and create a piece of art that draws the viewer in!

The ANGEL with DOVE sculpture below is less than 7" tall


Angel with Dove Sculpture By Duchess Boyles
Angel with Dove Out of Polymer Clay
Wall Art by Duchess Boyle
Wall Art by Duchess Boyles: Clay, Glass, Metal
3-Dimensional Art "EVOLVING" by Duchess
3-Dimensional Art "EVOLVING" by Duchess
Close Up of "EVOLVING" 3-Dimensional Art By Duchess Boyles
Close Up of "EVOLVING" 3-Dimensional Art By Duchess Boyles

When I was searching for products to promote within my website, I came across Aaron Murakami. You can learn more about Aaron by CLICKING HERE!

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I Appreciate You Taking Time to Browse Through My Website.