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Be An Affiliate and Earn Streams of Income

Someone I know shared this with me and so I'm sharing it with you!

"I'll tell you with 95% accuracy whether you will succeed in life."

He then goes on to write in his email to me:

"Hi Duchess

They say, “Your attitude affects your altitude.”

It’s true.
Whether or not you’re successful in life is almost entirely down to your personality.
And what you should ask yourself right now is this…
“Do I have the type of personality which will lead me to success?’
It's a quiz based on the famous Hexaco Personality Test that has a 95% accuracy in successfully determining whether you will be succeed in life.
It will help you determine what type of personality you have…
Where you strengths and weaknesses are…
And how to take advantage of them…
Yours Truly,
Alexander J. Wilson"

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Hey There!

Are you familiar with how your mind is forming beliefs, emotions and forming your habits

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This 30-second quiz are specifically designed to help expose and showcase to you the No. 1 "Success Blocker" lodged and tucked deep away in your subconscious mind.

If your eyes and heart could be opened to the depth of your subconscious to what could be standing between you and your success, wouldn't you agree, setting aside 30 seconds to take this enlightening test, is nothing short of "Gotta Do This!" ?

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I have no idea how long this quiz will be available so here's the link,
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I have prepared this page just for you! Seriously, every letter I type, every word I put on this page holds the authentic essence of presenting to you the opportunity to either becoming an affiliate today or not. Either way, your journey and mine, we crossed paths today and this was by no accident. I truly believe that.

Since you are visiting this Be An Affiliate and Earn page, you are drawn to working from home on some level. Whether it is for part time income or a steady stream of income. Am I correct in this area?

It has taken me 20 years to get to this place in sharing this information with you. That is because I started my affiliate business late in January 2019.

I was drawn to this opportunity because every aspect of this experience compliments nearly every level of my being! Mentally I am challenged and empowered with each accomplishment. I get to use all my artistic abilities on some level which feeds my Spirit! I get to work from home which is perfect for me on All Levels.

My Mind, Body and Soul Resonate and Welcome the challenges and the successes that come with being an affiliate or business partner.

"Wealth Trigger 360"

by Dr. Joe Vitale


How Do I KNOW I Will Be SUCCESSFUL Being an Affiliate? BECAUSE I KNOW the POWER In Wearing a Baseball CAP! Read My ABOUT Us Page and MY BLOG!



by Dr. Joe Vitale



As I write each page, what is my intention? What is my purpose? What can I contribute to the day and life of the individual who visits my website?

  1. Empowering Others through my personal contributions of Art, Soul Food Messages, and the Presentation of the Website Pages
  2. Inspiring Others - Encouraging them to be patient in making their selections of the Products, Services and Opportunities.

Being Patient in making your selections will allow you time to FEEL whether the Weight Loss Program you are selecting to try or to embrace is a Good Fit for you and your body on all levels.

When selecting one of the RELATIONSHIP programs that I'll be promoting (still have to get them into the website), once again, if you were to take a moment or two to be Still Within and seriously PLACE YOUR HANDS OVER THE AD ON THE PAGE. Ask Yourself if this is the RIGHT Program for You and Your Heart and For Your Future!

MANIFESTING In Your Life can occur on so many different levels for all individuals. Each individual is in a different place of personal growth. One program may be a Fantastic Fit for one Person and then there May Be A Better Program for someone else.  PLACE YOUR HANDS OVER THE AD ON THE PAGE. Be Still and You Will Get a Feel as to whether the program is right for you!

CREATING WEALTH ~ Working from home: This is a very personalized area for the needs, desires, demands, situations, etc and requires special discernment. Once again, I present the IDEA or CONCEPT to Be An Affiliate and Earn.

  1. Let me make it very clear - I will never personally ask you for money in this area. I am only presenting the concept to you. Others charge a fee to become part of a team and to learn how to do the business, I AM Not one of those individuals. So, relax and enjoy the process of reviewing my website and seeing what I do and "try on the idea of being an affiliate". Sleep on the idea. Take the Idea and Concept into Your Inner Being and FEEL whether this is right for you.
  2. Being an Affiliate is not something I will make any guarantees to you about how much money you can earn in commissions. Everyone is creating their own personal reality in the Reflection of what they choose to experience, receive and express.

MAKING A PURCHASE: I Blog 2 Share Information about the products, services and opportunities you find within the pages and posts that I present. I have no store within this website. I have nothing to sell you, I only promote by introducing you to what you see. From there, you make purchases or register for new accounts; ie: travel, airport parking, etc, and when and if a confirmed transaction takes place, that is when the company you interacted with pays me a commission.

I wish you the very best, always and in all ways. May You Be Lead to That Which Serves Your Highest Purpose and Highest Good!



Become an Affiliate Associate and or Partner and Earn!


I really like the method of being an affiliate associate or partner where I don't have to purchase the product and then resell it. I do not have inventory that I have to create an online store and sell products. You can set your own hours and place where you'll work. While sitting in your car in traffic, you can actually be placing ads online or sending out a message on social media building a base of people who begin to learn more about what you do and what you have to offer. The avenues for building your business are pretty much endless.


REALLY LOVE Cosplay? Then Promote the Cosplay Costumes from Several Different Companies!!! GET CREATIVE!!!


The BOTTOM SECTION of this Page has a List of Companies and Links ready for you to get Started With Your Affiliate Business Right Now!



You've seen all the listings online and you seem to always find what you are looking for, Right?


Well, have you ever thought about how all those listings get created? Have you ever thought about how companies can possibly create so many websites that all seem to lead you to their specific Product, Service or Opportunity?

People Like Me Work to Get the Information to You so You Can Find The Service, Product, Opportunity or Information You Are Looking For!  I Blog 2 Share Information.


In am called an Affiliate, An Associate, A Representative or a Partner depending how the Company has its business structure organized.


I am going to share with you information that will allow you to get started as an Affiliate, Associate and Partner Right Now!


When I decided I could have fun promoting all sorts of Products, Services or Opportunities, my mind started racing and I was wondering what exactly would I want to promote?


Here's the best part, you can center your thoughts and focus on a specific area or interest or you can promote just about anything and this includes being an affiliate associate or partner with worldwide company's. I still have over 100 products lines to get added into my website.


Again, the options and opportunities are endless. Make up, electronics, garden tools, art, etc. Seriously, I can't even begin to get started listing all the opportunities, products and services you can promote.




*** FIRST: INTERNET ACCESS - To be clear, you will need access to internet service but many people work their affiliate business from a smart phone, tablet or lap top.


 *** SECOND: BUDGET - You will need to know if you have a business budget you need to work with, then categorize what is your most desired products, services, opportunities and research which companies you can be an affiliate with that is  FREE and which charge a fee if you become an actual company partner where you buy product, service, etc, how often and how much.


*** THIRD: WEBSITE ~ DOMAIN - You will need to consider whether you Create a Website or if you only promote products, services or opportunities for companies that provide a Website that's Already Created and Up and Running.


*** FOURTH: BE CURIOUS - Search online and learn from other companies how they work their affiliate business. There are many avenues online that teach different ways of doing business and they have VIDEOS and WEBINARS that are FREE!


*** FIFTH: ANCHOR COMPANY COMMISSIONS vs INDIVIDUAL ONE TIME - There are several of the companies that I'm an affiliate and or partner with with where I earn each month or when a repeated monitory purchase or exchange is made and in how to the business structure is laid out.  Then there are those companies where you make a commission when a direct purchase or when an account is established, etc. These can be a One Time Commission. There are the "cookies" that are applied to an individuals IP Address who clicks on one of your links that leads them to a product, service or opportunity that can last for 30, 45, 60 days or more depending again on the business structure, so an exchange of money doesn't have to happen the first time someone clicks on your link to learn more.


Each of the companies listed below will provide you with your OWN IDENTITY ID Number and or LINKS to be Specific to All Those Who Click On Your Links.


You may want to set up a  account where you can put an image of your driver's license. You'll need to supply banking information to the companies so you can have your commissions processed and either mailed or direct deposited into your account. Some may work with PayPal as an option. Each Company has it's own Business Structure.


IT TAKES FOCUS, DEDICATION AND THE ABILITY TO BE OPEN TO LEARNING AND DOING RESEARCH WHEN AND WHERE YOU CAN TO FIND ANSWERS. There's many avenues for gathering information: computer tech, videos online, others websites who specialize in being an affiliate and there are TEAMS you can join.

BELOW are QUICK ACCOUNTS TO SET UP and You Can Start Your Affiliate Business NOW. Then get Creative In Your Business Development.


FREE Affiliate, Associate Accounts To Set Up: These are online where One or More Vendors / Companies that pay commission to Affiliate, Associate through the use of a Personalize LINK and HTML IMAGED Link

  • SUFFORIA: FREE APP FOR Travel when Saving On Hotel Room Rates at over 600,000 + rooms. The New (as of March 2019) BEST Worldwide Hotel Discounts - Sign Up for an Account and You Will Be Provided Your LINK which allows you to earn when someone Travels and books a hotel room. Once the traveler pays for their hotel room, you get paid % commission, and this occurs whether the one traveler books and pays for 1 room or rooms, one time or year after year. This is an amazing opportunity to earn. SEE My BEST HOTEL RATES Page. ANYONE Who Sets up an account has full access to the Entire Website.
  • (2700+ vendors to Apply and Join Up With) These vendors will require you to have your own avenue/website for promoting their products, service and or opportunity.
  • (OVER 4,000 VENDORS to Apply and Join Up With) These vendors will require you to have your own avenue/website for promoting their products, service and or opportunity.
  •  Sign Into Your Personal Account and then SEARCH AFFILIATE PROGRAM. This vendor will require you to have your own avenue/website for promoting their products.
  • XCELTRAVEL: XcelTrip is a "Decentralized Travel Eco-System". All of this being revolutionary and evolving more and more daily into the common way of conducting travel, you are offered a full service Online Travel Platform
  • BITCOIN: Cryptocurrency that has the potential to grow in value in time and in sharing with others also. The FREE DOWNLOAD APP - THIS TAKES A GOOD MEMORY SPACE on COMPUTER, NOT with MAC

3 MINUTE VIDEO ~ LEARN From Professionals about BITCOIN - LOTS OF INFO! - Click Tab To RIGHT to WATCH




I Blog 2 Share Information and "As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. As an affiliate, I promote services and products for company's. The links on my pages lead you to information to learn how to earn money, to a service where you can set up an account or make a purchase or to just obtain information. I am paid a commission when a purchase is made and or when specific accounts are established."

Some of the Reviews, products, services, programs, opportunities posted and shared within my website are specifically available for affiliates to promote. I will specifically make note at the bottom of INDIVIDUAL PAGE if the listing link is associated and processed through ClickBank.

"ClickBank is the retailer of this or other products shown for Review. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 917 S. Lusk Street, Suite 200, Boise Idaho, 83706, USA and used by permission. ClickBank’s role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of this product or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of this product."

I Appreciate You Taking Time to Browse Through My Website.