One Step At A Time

Here is my story:

Reaching Your Goals – Have You Ever Climbed a Mountain? Well I have but on a bicycle with a small dog and fully loaded down with gear. A 6 month bicycle trek up and down the West Coast from Long Beach, CA up into Yakima, WA, With Everything I owned on my bike. Yes, I counted the weight of a Needle.

Here’s the long story short and then I’ll write this up in a blog in my website. But the first week I was on my bike, I was at the bottom of a steep uphill grade. No Freakin’ way was I strong enough to ride straight up that hill. My legs weren’t strong enough, my arms weren’t strong enough, MY MENTAL BELIEF Wasn’t Strong Enough!!! So, I got off my bike, put my pup on a leash and we did the trek up the road the hard way but we got to the top of that first hill and Let Me Tell You, The Down Hill Ride on my bike blowing through my long dark hair at the age of 23, I was Flying!!! And Loving It! Yes, my pup in his basket on the bike and my guitar on the back also!

But the next hill approached and darn it if I didn’t look up and see the top and so, I got off my bike and pushed with my arms and legs. Again, the down hill was AWESOME!!! No brakes, take my lane in the middle and let the cars go around me and I’d fly down the hills… fearlessly!!!

Next hill… next hill, next day… next day… Ok… my legs are getting stronger, My Will, to get to the top or to that Goal, was getting stronger, everything in my core and my physical body was getting stronger and I was believing I could do this crazy bicycle trek until I found my next place to live.

Yes, I was a gypsy lots of times in this life time. All good, all an adventure, all a learning experience! I’ve been homeless, lived on my bicycle for 6 months and rode 2200 miles up and down the west coast and have moved over 65 times in my life and I’m not even 60. So, I think I qualify to be a gypsy!

But with that being shared, I’m a Christian and I have never let the essence and sound of God escape me even in my darkest moments. Faith is what has kept me here on this planet and yet, I know I have the Gifts and Talents that I’ve been given and I must use them all wisely. So for the two arms and 2 legs and brain, I had to figure out how to get up the hills I knew were in Front of Me!

But, there came a day when I was going through some town along my path and I stopped by a store and bought a baseball cap. I HATE wearing any kind of baseball cap or really any hat other then snuggly ones during the winter months.

Here’s my thought process that I have never Forgotten since that first day that I put on the base ball cap. I can remember the moment and the thrill to this moment that I write and share this with you. And, I’m turning 59 in a month or so.

I thought, Every Time I Saw The Top of the Mountain, I knew I couldn’t make it to the top riding the bike like if I were on flat ground. BUT TODAY (back then) with my new baseball hat on, I was determined to make it to the top of the mountain!!! RIDING THE BIKE WITH MY DOG ON IT WITH ME!!!

Here’s how my life and my challenges have been met ever since then…

I pulled the cap way down so it nearly covered my eyebrows. I refused to look up above the road level of the bike, meaning I’d look ahead but never UP toward what ever hill might be in my path!!!

I just peddled, kept my head down, focused on riding and taking on any challenge of a hill or flat ground that rolled beneath my bicycle tires! OMG…. Yes, I DID IT!!!

I had ridden to the top of a hill, passing other bicyclist along the way that were seasoned riders. I was no seasoned rider. I wore my street clothes, looked like a gypsy with my dog and guitar and camping gear on my bike and I waved at the guys as I rode by them!!!

This occurred all the time now, I’d just keep my head down, do the work, push and push of each peddle, and I’d get to the top and the longest mountain down hill I ever got to experience was a 45 minute all cut loose, take my lane, going fast enough to maintain my place on the road not the shoulder and I actually had to stop to let my arms rest do the control I had to maintain while riding the bike so fast on the curvy California Coastal Roads.

And for a splash of FUN… Yes, I had a blast riding my bike everywhere and even taking it into the Malls that I’d come to on my journey so my doggy and belongings could be with me. On July 4th around 1983 or 1984, I was riding my bicycle through downtown Sausalito, CA. Picture me riding my bike with all the gear, my guitar and pup and my long dark hair in braids and a large BLACK CROW flies up beside me, head level and matches my speed. It’s on my Left Side and then, it lifted just enough to Land On Top Of My HEAD!!! OMG… cars slowed down, windows went down on cars in all directions and the cameras all came out in view.

The huge crow just settled his claws into the hair on top of my head with ease. With the braids giving my hair a tightness, the bird must have thought it was getting a Free Ride and who was I to argue? So, off we rode for a bit and then, my fair weathered or fair feathered friend took to flight. No Kidding, my husband loves that part of my story and journey!

LESSON of Reaching and Achieving Your Dreams and Goals, Buy a baseball cap if necessary… Put your head down, meaning get focused to where nothing but your breath and your mental imagery is front and center of what you are focusing on, take the steps, turn the peddles, whatever it takes, but know this:

I have never forgotten the feeling of Getting to the Top of a Hill or Achieving Something such as when I was on the bicycle trek, 2200 miles, that today, I still tell that story as I’m telling it to you today.

Of course my legs got stronger and I didn’t need to wear the baseball cap any longer but just remembering that story and all the emotions that went into that learning experience, I carry it all with me today.

Walk, run or ride into your future with full focus, intention and determination in creating that which you choose to experience!

My motto is: Making The World A Better Place Through
Art & Animals & Sharing Info!

Always Wishing You the Very Best, Always and In All Ways,