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New Porch Time DIY for 1940 home in 2018 - We The Seniors Build It

New Porch Time DIY for 1940 home in 2018 - Corner Posts Eaten Away By Termites, Front Porch Needs Rebuilt - Yes - We Always Over Build With Confidence!

BEFORE - 1940 Front Porch Needs Rebuilt in 2018

Hey There! YOU Great Fantastic Person! Yep... I'm talking to YOU!

I knew you'd be stopping by and I really needed to share something Fantastic with You! Ok, I'll admit, I'm going to blog a bit about a project my hubby and I took on, I'll admit.

For Starters Though... Do You Know TED?  Who the Heck is Ted? Did You Really Just Say That?

Well... for a bit of my own history, woodworking runs in my DNA. What does that have to do with TED, I just heard you ask that also. You've got to be just a bit more patient, as I'm typing as quickly as I can.

My mom is a woodworker and she's known in parts of the world for her amazing creations and me, I'm an artist as well. TED... TED.... TED... OK... I'll get to TED.

Ted has a program that he shares with others and his program is the #1 Rated Woodworking Resource!

You See... When I became an affiliate, my motto is:




So... I'm sharing this Fantastic and Actually Unbelievable Program with You that TED has and is eagerly waiting to see you have it for yourself!

TED has 16,000 Woodworking Projects with the designs and plans all laid out and Available For You To Receive TODAY!!!

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ONWARD MY GOOD BUDDY... Stay In Touch and Come Back Often as I add 2 - 5 new pages to my website every week.

Hey There! When It Comes to DIY, My hubby and I are All Over It!!!!!

It's 2018 and I'm nearly old enough to stop creating such hard projects and Vance, my hubby he's always wondering what I'm going to think up next! Does that make us seniors? Well, in the field of DIY, YES. We are Seniors in knowing what it takes to do nearly every phase of construction and landscaping. All these details will come out in future posts.

I'm just getting my blogging business and website created so all in good time, My Dear Reader!

When it comes to DIY, I feel qualified to call myself, Mama D. That stands for Mama Duchess. But who in their right mind or world would expect a Duchess to be out mixing 5 full pallets of concrete by hand as the men set the posts and I kept the concrete flowing to the holes.

I know there are women out there who work as hard as me so I will be speaking to all with the nickname phrase of "guys"... meaning, "'ya all" And, I have lived in Georgia and they called me Miss Duchess, still, that just doesn't work here. I'm going with Mama D. in this area of my blogging and sharing.



Mama D. Get's The Itch!

Ok... let's stay focused.

We bought this older 1940 home in the later months of 2016 and it's now 2019. Last year, as Vance and I were out in the front yard on a Saturday afternoon, I said my common statement that indicates... HOLD ON TIGHT! Ahhhhhhh..... Vance, "HUMOR ME!"

That's the Trigger for NEW PROJECT ON THE HORIZON!

My hubby is amazing and he patiently watches me go into whatever action I'm introducing. I grabbed the hammer and pry bar and knelt down on the sidewalk in front of our porch and started pulling the bottom pieces of white wooden slats off the exterior part. The first slat removed. The 2nd slat removed, the 3rd and so on and then.... the project begins!


Front Porch - Needs Replaced - Termites
No Porch Post on Ground Termite Eaten - DIY Project



SERIOUSLY... WE LIVE IN CALIFORNIA and there's nothing holding the corner posts up or the ROOF of the Front of the Home Porch! ...but the rotten side boards?

What The .... ??? I'm familiar with Earthquakes and they happen here in California so My Hubby and I were ALL OVER Getting this porch torn apart, the corner areas supported ASAP!


No Wood Left on Porch Post - termite eaten - DIY Project

Now, what the heck, here we are tearing the front porch apart and we have NO DESIGN PLANS for rebuilding it??? Who would do such a thing?

We Do This Sort of Thing All The Time. But... Usually, We have the designs and plans and estimates of materials and supplies all set so we are ready to hit the ground running!

This is a small project. We both do design drawings and when I say design drawings, we'll do 50 or more for one project, just so we can consider all our options.

With me being a sculptor, if it's a landscaping project, I typically even sculpt the design in colorful 3 dimensional form because we normally always lived in areas that had HOA's  (home owners association), and many times the review committee appreciated seeing what the final project would really look like. Drawings are ok but we always got approvals on our landscaping plans when I sculpted the 3-D version of our designs.

Back to the Front Porch - Did we get plans drawn up and approved by the County where we live? Yep-a-doodle! See embedded docs.

I then got to work on the materials supply list and I'm the one who calls in the orders and makes sure deliveries and materials are all orchestrated.



We always over build. If you don't know what that means, we Don't Cut Corners or We Don't Take Short Cuts. We push ourselves to do our very best so we can feel confident that we will have little maintenance or repair.

Embedded Are The Plans We Drew Up and they were submitted for our building permit with the county.

I still have the front trim to put on the entry way which still shows in the final image.

We built the patio out of treated 4x6 corner posts and the rest was out of redwood. The inspector couldn't believe we'd used redwood, but like I said, we over build.

The entry to the patio is built to house a screen door but we haven't yet decided if we want to install one or not. The screening makes a nice wind break due to our patio being on the east side of our home and most wind comes from the south and west.



Ya' know... I'm going to wrap this post up. Just trying to get my website created but wanted to share this with all you DIY Empowered Individuals. I'm trusting others who wander into my site will be inspired to take on some new projects or programs that will add quality to their life and I Invite you to find something that speaks to your heart as well within the pages.

Let me introduce you to Ted before we say, "good-bye". Ted is also a woodworker as is my mother. I'll write about her and all her creations later as she was discovered for her hidden talent by someone who travels the world. When he found her and saw her creations, she was written up in an International Magazine.

She's another part of my areas to share in my posts with all of you.

TED, by the way, his primary creation that I share with others is mentioned on the page in my website that has other DIY projects.



TED AND HIS 16,000+ Woodworking

Designs, Plans and Projects


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MY SON, HUSBAND AND I  built the chicken coop you see in the picture. Yes, we are all about DIY

AFTER - 1940 Front Porch Needs Rebuilt in 2018

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