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Sharing information that you may not be aware of. There are a group of Internationally Recognized and Highly sought after Scientists. Aaron Murakami is one of those scientists who was born with Psychic Mind Powers.


How To Make Every Day Your Perfect Day By Raising Your Vibration

Aaron Murakami says,

"Intention, Programmed Crystals, Magnetic & Electric Fields May Influence Matter At A Distance And Here Are The Necessary Protocols To Properly Measure The Results."

A Course in Mind Power by Aaron Murakami

"The closet thing I could compare my course to would be to mix Tesla with Haanel - imagine manifestation meets free energy. I honestly believe A Course in Mind Power is in a class by itself as is my popular book The Quantum Key."

Aaron Murakami




LEARN MORE ABOUT What Aaron is Capable of Doing with His Mind & Mental Abilities

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Aaron Murakami





From: Aaron Murakami 

RE: Mind Over Matter

Dear Friend,

Subtle energy, for a lack of a better term, refers to the energy and/or the change of the structure of space that occurs when influences such as conscious intention affects material reality.

An example of this kind of influence is when healers use Qi or Pranna to effect a healing either close by or remotely.

Other instances include mental telepathy, remote viewing and the programming of quartz crystals by conscious intention.

Tiller uses the quantum mechanics phrase Raising the Gauge.


Professor Robert M. Haralick




There are other situations where a subtle energy can develop: These include being exposed to certain kinds of magnetic fields or electric fields, being exposed to quartz crystals, and being exposed to sacred geometric forms.

This talk discusses the difficulty of doing subtle energy experiments, gives the protocols for a few different kinds of subtle energy experiments involving water, describes a number of kinds of measurements that can be made of water, and shares the results of those experiments.





LEARN MORE ABOUT What Aaron is Capable of Doing with His Mind & Mental Abilities

LEARN MORE ABOUT How You Too Can Develop Your Mental Powers!


Some of these testimonials are about me (AARON), some are about the course, and some are about just ONE SINGLE PART of the course that I shared with others in the past."


He Charged The Battery With His Hands!

"I had a clock that was sitting in a box for several years because the battery was dead and I mean really dead! Every hour the traffic lights on the clock would light up and a sound would blast that sounded like the car revving up. It was quite a bit for any AA battery to hold up to.

Aaron took the battery that couldn't even get the second hand to tick and put it between his hands. He went into a deep concentration for about 10 minutes and put the battery back in the clock and it started ticking right away!

He said he recharged it with QI.

I turned the minute hand until it was exactly on the hour and the lights lit up and the car engine started revving up! I couldn't believe it! I was in the process of packing up to move over to the Seattle area to manage a store. Two years later, the battery was STILL in perfect shape and the clock kept time to the minute and that is AFTER it was already dead for a couple years!

Another time, Aaron, myself and some other friends were waiting around for another friend to show up. Just off the cuff, Aaron said, "James will knock on the door in x minutes and x seconds." I don't remember the exact minutes and seconds but it was within a 5 minute time period. We were counting down and on the EXACT minute and second that Aaron predicted, our friend James knocked on the door!

Aaron had done these spontaneous demonstrations off and on over the years that I've known him and I've known him for about 15 years."

Tony Payson, Washington state
Regional Retail Manager



Aaron, You are blowing my mind. …Thank you so much for sowing light.

Ferlinda P.


The Future Reveals Itself to Aaron

"Aaron and I went to high school on an Air Force base over in Japan. After high school, he was living in Ohio and I went to stay with him soon after that to go to college where he was going. After a year, I went back to Japan.

He was always interested in supernatural stuff so I wasn't too surprised when I got a phone call from him while I was back over there.

Aaron told me about some dream about two Russian Migs that collided in mid-air. Both pilots ejected and the pilots parachuted safely to the ground.

He was very concerned because he said he knew it represented something real but didn't know where or when. After a couple days, he started thinking that it represented something else because he called me back.

We were all car racing freaks and when he called me back, he asked if anyone got in a head on collision in a car but made it out safely - the dream symbolically representing this. This is what he thought it might mean.

Actually, YES, a friend ours had a younger brother that crashed head on into another car on the back flight line going around the base and both drivers were OK.

Aaron was so relieved that nobody was hurt and was convinced this was what the dream must have meant.

Several days later on 24 July 1993 in the UK, the news reported that two Russian Mig 29's crashed into each other in mid-air at an airshow at Fairford, England. The pilots ejected and parachuted safely to the ground.


There's more...

Soon after, maybe days or weeks, Aaron called me again. This time explaining another airplane crash dream. He was kind of shook up from the last one and wanted to see if this had some connection to a real event that happened here again.

In this dream, Aaron said he was standing at the edge of a lake and there were trees around the far side. A commercial airliner was coming over the trees straight towards him.

It got lower to the water, a wing tipped down and hit the water, the plane then crashed in the water and he said he felt everyone was killed.

I told him that nothing like that happened with anyone we know in a car or otherwise.

A couple days later, he called me because another news report came out on the TV about a plane crash in China.

There was no video showing like the Mig crash that Aaron said it was like they video taped his mind - but the story talked about an airliner that took off from a runway in China. As it went over the lake, it had engine failure in one of the wings, the wing tipped down and hit the water and the plane crashed killing everyone on board.

There was another dream he had right after this that pointed to something that happened again. It wasn't about air plane crashes so he was more relieved. I don't recall all the details but it had to do with a dinosaur egg in a river or something and a few days later, dinosaur eggs in a riverbed were unearthed somewhere in China by the masses.

Carlos R.
Yokota Air Force Base



This is so amazing watching history unfold, so to speak. The energy I feel just reading about this is wonderful.

Patti Vancil



"Since I met Aaron in early 2007, my life has become a series of delightful synchronicities and applying the wisdom he has gifted me with has enhanced my life in more ways than I can describe. After being introduced to his Synchronicity Diagram and the explanation of how it works, I began to consciously apply the concepts and was immediately blown away. I make my living as an artist and at the time, my conscious desire was to attract clients to commission me for a portrait. On two different occasions, I brought an “example” portrait to my dealer to put on display.

On both of these synchronistic occasions, a potential client, looking for an artist to paint a portrait of their children, was PRESENT when I entered the gallery with my example portrait and when looking to the example, commissioned me to create the portraits at a price which was perfect.

Needless to say, these events alone caused me to seek even more of Aaron's wisdom, so I was motivated to practice one very simple exercise that Aaron shares in A Course in Mind Power in order to enhance my intuition. This practice has deeply enhanced my ability gain great insight, not only with my artistic creativity, but also in “knowing” exactly the right decisions to make in a plethora of different situations. One of my most recent “favorites” has been practicing this simple exercise with the intention of finding new direction in my art. It astonished me as to how quickly the perfect inspiration popped into my mind and am now joyfully creating a whole new collection of paintings that my clients are responding to with great enthusiasm!

These examples are just a few of the many positive results I have experienced by consciously applying the wellspring of brilliant information I have learned from Aaron. I am so very pleased to see that he has now compiled his wisdom in his new book, A Course In Mind Power. This book offers each and every reader the opportunity to discover how powerful they are and applying the techniques he describes will most definitely change their lives profoundly. Knowing Aaron and learning from him has been one of my greatest blessings and I highly recommend his books to all!"

Pamela Sweda, Watercolor Artist & Instructor



"Your book is great - it's quite incredible information!! It's very well organized and written in an easy to follow and understand format. Your book has opened some doors for me that I never knew existed."

David Fine



"I have known Aaron for quite a while and have been present during many interesting experiences. When Aaron feels that there is something important that I need to know about, whether he knows the details of what it is or not, he definitely lets me know to pay attention.

My business is being an owner of a cafeteria company for the local power company and a local Boeing plant. I was approached with the opportunity to create a healthy meal program for a local school for young children. It would be quite a chore simply designing the menu that would fit into the mission of the program.

Aaron was about to head to Seattle for a health conference and said I should go along. I thought it would be a fun trip meeting supplement manufacturers and getting a lot of things to sample and the chance to learn at the classes going on throughout the day.

One night we stayed the night at one of Aaron's friend's houses. His friend's fiancé Eleanor was there and she happened to be in the food business. She was a gourmet chef AND it turns out she has all the menus and program developed for a healthy meal program for children at a school about the size of the one I needed to design it for.

She was willing to hand everything over to me on a silver platter, which would have put me months ahead of schedule! Absolutely incredible! What are the chances of this???

I remember yelling out when driving around with Aaron, "What is going on?!" I was so dumbfounded at what a profound and specific synchronicity. Aaron kept telling me I was going to experience a serious synchronicity during the trip. And the thing is, Aaron did NOT know I was even considering the children's healthy meal program until I started talking to Eleanor and it came up.

Unfortunately, I passed up the offer to do this program in my town so couldn't make use of what Eleanor was willing to provide. When I turned it down, Aaron made sure to let me know what the Universe was handing me and to not ever forget it.

Needless to say, when Aaron hints or alludes to something anymore, I take action because he is always right on the money."

Victor Azar, Spokane, Washington
Peace activist that started the first peaceful business venture between Jordan and Israel


Aaron Murakami





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